International disciplines offered in English

Academic Internationalization

Disciplines offered in English in Undergraduate course

Law course:

  • Communication and Expression
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Social Science
  • Political Science
  • Law and Globalization

Electric Engineering course:

  • Eletric Machines
  • Power Systems

Disciplines offered in English in Graduate courses (Master and Doctorate)

Master's Degree in Business Administration

  • Working Paper Development Studies
    Research process. Communication of research results. Scientific article. Highly cited articles. Structure of highly cited articles. Content of highly cited articles. Methodological enrichment. Publication process: from draft to article in press. Impact of research after publication of an article.

Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Production Engineering

  • Topics in Production Engineering: industrial and agricultural systems
    This course provides tools to analyze industrial and agricultural systems in terms of product chains, flow and storage and information flow. The fundamental topics include probability, qualitative and quantitative models, process analysis and systems analysis. Understanding the size, nature and importance of the Brazilian industrial and agroindustrial sector.

Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Environmental and Experimental Pathology

  • Pathogenesis of viral, bacterial and protozoan infections
    Study of the mechanisms of infection of microorganisms and infectious diseases, discussing the interaction between humans, animals and pathogens, through the disciplines of immunology, microbiology, pathology, infectious and parasitic diseases, through a holistic approach.